Subjectivity is the Consciousness

The assessment is a funny game! It is guilty!! The pleasures one! It is a philosophical one. Martin Heidegger states that “as the ego cogito, subjectivity is the consciousness that represents something, relates this representation back to itself, and so gathers with itself” (Heidegger, 2014). The dilemma of if the assessment is the reflection of success or failure is a myth; especially in Arts and Design. Throughout my teaching experience, I came across different methods of markings; some more detailed, e.g. UAL and some more subjective, e.g. AUB. Regardless, there are always ups and downs to consider. The main issue though is not how the marking system works; it is a frequent students’ questioning “why this mark”. The session on assessment helped to understand how different system might work, though it didn’t necessarily solve the issue I concern to the time that one of the colleagues who teaches in France suggested a technique he is using! Such a brilliant idea. He mentioned that they allow their first-year units to be marked by students and use their marking outcome as 10% of the overall assessment. It will enable students to collectively analyse the learning outcomes and reflect their understanding as the teacher and the process of marking. This suggestion was my nemesis in the last couple of weeks. The most significant idea perhaps and why I didn’t come with it 😛
At Arts University Bournemouth this is one of the most significant issues. This technique might allow the students to learn how the marking works. I got the permission to trial the new system in my unit and record the outcome. Hope it works. To this point, I found this the most important lesson I learnt in the PGCAP. It excites me, and I’m confident that students will enjoy it. Let see what is happening. I made up my mind.

Made Up Mind. Getty Image
Made Up Mind. Getty Image

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