I CAN’T read the comments!!!!!

Microteaching is a show-off!!! At least it was for me. In principle, I wanted to demonstrate my techniques in simply teaching complicated subjects. I was nervous to see the other people feedback. I’m interested in philosophy and also teaching skills such as playfulness, critical debates and the expression of the idea.
As experienced previously, in those topics students engage more with a little humour. I decided to teach about risk-taking by using an elephant as an object by referring to “Elephant in the Room.” The session is designed based on some horrible and some funny jokes. The slide texts are simple and not informative. Some limited images to accompany the jokes.
The overall feedback was overwhelming. 🙂 I wish I could get more negative feedback though. Also, I realised one thing!!!! I can’t read my colleagues’ handwriting!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛 Judge it yourself 😀

MicroTeachings Notes
MicroTeachings Notes
The Elephant Story

The Slides:

PGCAP Elephant in the Room

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