Honesty is improvisation of the heart

The Self-Initiated Project (SiP) presentation is my aim to develop a concept as it was discussed in Teaching and Support Learning Evaluation. This project aims to investigate the idea of improvisation in teaching arts and design especially storytelling in film production.

The benefit of improvisation in teaching can be categorised in the following topics:

  • Improvisation in teaching creates an opportunity to discuss the contemporary concepts such as news or current affairs and establish a connection between learning outcomes and daily lives.
  • Improvisation in teaching develops an environment where is relaxed and open for both students and staff to develop debates and engage with the topics.
  • Improvisation in teaching is open to tutor’s vulnerability. However, it can provide the opportunity to the students to learn concepts such as taking risks, failure and also how they can develop their confidence.

All the mentioned posts will be the point of studies for the SiP project.

SiP presentation Screenshot

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